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Portugal is the third most peaceful country in the world

The Global Peace Index 2017, found that Portugal was now the third most peaceful country in the world.

Madeira Archipelago

ISAL is located in a highly touristic area, in Madeira.

Madeira Archipelago is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, 500km distant from Africa, 1000km from the European Continent, and only 1h30m air flight from Lisbon.

Madeira Archipelago also connects itself to the world by an air bridge which gathers hundreds of flights. The Madeira International Airport and the Porto Santo Airport are a point of arrival and departure of several international air companies.

Madeira Island is equally famous for its nice and kind people, for the beauty of its landscapes and for the natural patrimony, namely the Laurissilva Forest, classified by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage.

The cultural patrimony deserves a special attention not only in what concerns its traditional products, but also its monuments, museums, churches and other relevant buildings.

Besides Madeira, the Archipelago is constituted by another inhabited Island, Porto Santo, and also by the non-inhabited Islands of Desertas and Selvagens.


There are no great variations in temperature throughout the year. The climate remains mild, with average maximum temperatures of 25°C and minimums of 16°C. The sea temperature is constant due to the Gulf stream - 22°C in summer and cooling gradually over the winter, reaching 17°C by winter´s end.


The official language is Portuguese, though most people are fluent in at least one foreign language - principally English.

Living in Madeira

Madeira has a large community of foreign nationals from a vast range of countries. They mostly chose the island for the following reasons:

  • Safe environment, unrivalled in Europe, with a low crime rate and social and political stability;
  • Exceptionally mild climate, which allows visitors to enjoy water-based activities or walks in the subtropical forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, throughout the entire year;
  • Modern, sophisticated infrastructures, in addition to boasting an excellent road network and an international airport with regular connections to the major european capitals;
  • Top-quality education system, including a local university that offers Master's degrees in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University USA, and boasts international schools, private colleges and one of the best institutes in the EU in the field of Man-Machine Interaction, Information and Entertainment Technology;
  • Access to goods and services of high international quality;
  • Friendly and cosmopolitan population;
  • Housing and lodging of excellent quality, matching the highest European standards and with currently good opportunities available in the real estate sector.


Cost of living

The cost of living in Madeira is considerably lower than the rest of Europe. The majority of goods are much cheaper than in the other European Union countries, including the price of renting, food, drinks and entertainment. 


Madeira has a wide variety of regional dishes, made of black scabbard fish fillets and tuna steak, octopus, seafood, beef, lots of vegetables and fruits.
- Espetada de carne de vaca em espeto de pau de louro 
- Bolo do caco
- Bife de atum
- Peixe-espada
- Bolo de mel
- Vinho da Madeira
- Poncha, etc.

Events and Attractions

Madeira is filled with tradition and great festivities through out the year:

  • Madeira Carnival Festivities
  • Festival of Wine
  • Madeira New Year’s Eve
  • Madeira Flower Festival
  • Festival of the Popular Saints



Madeira is an island full of culture and art through the many museums, churches, monuments and cultural festivals.


Madeira, a large number of sports are practiced, both outdoors, like water sports and indoors in the various facilities available throughout the island.


Madeira has many beaches of all colours and shapes.

 Clube Naval do Funchal  Clube Balnear da Barreirinha Praia da Calheta 

Madeira islands and Funchal has an extensive public transportation system and as well as taxis.


The islands have two airports, one in Santa Cruz (known as Funchal Airport (FNC)) on the Island of Madeira and the other in the city of Vila Baleira on Porto Santo Island. Flights to the islands are mostly made from Lisbon and Porto, but there are also direct flights from other major European cities and other countries, like Brazil, Venezuela and South Africa.



Funchal is the capital of Madeira Autonomous Region, being the ninth most populated town in all Portugal. This town is 76,25 km2 and has around 100 000 inhabitants. It subdivides itself into 10 parishes.

Between 1452 and 1454, Funchal obtained the first charter, thus becoming a village and the head of the council. In 1508 it was named as a town and that is why in 2008 the 500. Anniversary will be commemorated.

Within its architectonical patrimony, one should distinguish the following buildings: Santa Clara Church and Monastery, São Lourenço Palace, the Sé Cathedral, which has one of the most beautiful ceilings in all Portugal made with local wood, the Episcopal Palace, the Regional Government Palace, Funchal City Hall, Baltazar Dias Theatre, The Cruzes Museum, the Municipal Museum and the Sacred Art Museum, among others.

In this council, the tertiary activity is a predominant one, highly connected to tourism, being followed by the secondary one.

Funchal port is an important and relevant touristic centre to all European cruises, having been the first stop of Queen Mary II on its inaugural trip.

Useful Information

Winter: GMT+0
Summer: GMT+1

There are 67 health centres spread all over Madeira Island and one in Porto Santo. In Funchal, there are two public hospitals.

Euro. The main credit cards are accepted in most commercial establishments, restaurants and hotels.

Commerce is open from 9am to 13pm and from 15pm to 19pm, from Monday to Friday. On Saturday from 9am to 13pm. Some shopping centres are open during all days of the week, from 9am to 23pm.

Shopping Center DolceVita Funchal

Shopping Center DolceVita Funchal

Forum Madeira

Forum Madeira

Madeira Shopping

Madeira Shopping

Market of Lavradores

Market of Lavradores

Traditional and handmade commerce

Traditional and handmade commerce

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Seaside Areas

The most important are: Barreirinha swimming pool complex, Lido swimming pool complex , Praia do Gorgulho, Ponta Gorda e Poças do Governador swimming pool complex, Doca do Cavacas swimming pool complex, Praia Formosa swimming complex, Praia dos Namorados, Praia do Areeiro and Clube Naval do Funchal.

Clube Naval do Funchal

Clube Naval do Funchal

Clube Balnear da Barreirinha

Clube Balnear da Barreirinha

Calheta’s Beach

Praia da Calheta