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Studying in ISAL

ISAL is the only Superior Institute of RAM that provides degrees in "Tourism" and "Hotel Management". both with the option of being in the day period or night period. Another differentiation factor is the fact that the whole offer has an internship in its courses, wich favours the connection to the business world and the labour market. In this way, the rate of employability is high, consequence of the quality of the teaching of ISAL.

Even at the level of Post-Graduation education, the offer is also in the night period, as it is directed to active workers who, in this way, may envolve their professional careers and organizations where they already work. This offer counts with a multidisciplinary teaching body, with national reference, wich combines the academic strand with the professional starnd, as in all the educational offer of ISAL.


Differentiation Factors

  Advantages of Studying in ISAL - Madeira:
  • Internationally recognized European diploma;
  • Partnerships with European Universities for exchange with scholarship of ERASMUS+;
  • Courses with internship (Strong connection to business and institutions of the region);

  • Relationship of ISAL's courses with the needs of the region;

  • Better integration in active life;

  • Bilingual Courses;

  • Night courses (enabling work and study simultaneously);

  • Madeira, top destination for tourism;

  • Second wealthiest region of Portugal;

  • Safe and peaceful region;

  • Mild climate, both in winter and in summer;

  • Starting point for the main European capitals;

  • Island with sport and outdoor activities;

With the “Employment Nucleos”, ISAL enables:
  • Support to young people in the search of employment and in the subsequent vocational integration;

  • Inform and guide young people who intend to pursue studies;

  • Collect and disclose employment and training offers;

  • Promote the link between ISAL and the business environment.

Academic Environment

The Freshman Party is a time of conviviality and a lot of fun between the freshmen and the students of the previous years of the graduations. Freshman participate in traditional games and other recreational activities. The godfathers and godmothers are chosen by the freshman, the mister and the miss of the freshmen are chosen and finally the baptism is done, finishing the praxes. These are games that stay in the memory of new students and help them to feel integrated. ISAL practice fosters the academic spirit and mutual aid of new students.

The objective and the plan of activities of the Association of Students does not only regard the training area, but also by the socio-cultural aspect.
ISAL Student Association is the representative organization of students. In 2007 the Association was recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science.

It is a service promoted by the Students' Association, supported and accredited by the Madeira Employment Institute.

The Blessing and Burning of the Ribbons of ISAL (Graduation Party) represents well the traditions of Madeira Island. It is a memorable moment and one more academic stage achieved by the students.

The religious ceremony, the blessing of the cloaks, takes place in the Parish Church of Monte, followed by the traditional Burning of the Ribbons!
Our students wear a special outfit with a top hat and the walking stick of the finalist students. To finish they made the descent by "Carreiros do Monte".
An event not to be missed!


Academic calendar

The academic calender below is merely indicative, ISAL may have other dates.


              Beggining                             Term           
1º, 3º e 5º


2º, 4º e 6º




            Beggining                            Term              
1ª interruption | Christmas  holidays
(arround  2 weeks)


2ª interruption | 1º, 3º e 5º semesters
(arround 3 weeks)

Beggining of February

End of February
3ª interruption | Ester holidays
(arround 2 weeks)  
 Summer holidays
(end of the academic year)


ISAL has all over the building.


ISAL has an academic residence to provide accommodation for Foreign Students, located 2 minutes walk from ISAL  close to the city centre. You don't really have a need for public transport, because you are able to walk to ISAL or to the city centre.

There are many other options:



For further information, please contact us.

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