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Who can Apply

International students are those who do not have Portuguese nationality, or are not natural from a member-state of the EU, nor  those who are legally residing in Portugal for over two years, uninterruptedly, on 31st August of the year they intend to sign in higher education.

The following countries are not covered by the International student definition 


 Member countries of the EU

Austria  Italy   Belgium   Hungary  
  Latvia   Bulgaria Lithuania   Sweden
  Croatia   Luxembourg   Cyprus   Ireland
  Malta   Czech Republic   Netherlands   United Kingdom
Denmark Poland Estonia   Spain
  Portugal   Finland   Romania   Greece
  France   Slovakia   Germany   Slovenia




 You can only be admited as an international student if you, on a cumulative basis, can demonstrate:
• To have a specific academic qualification
• To have the standard qualification of the language inwhich the course will be minitrated.
The verification of the satisfaction of the prerequisites that have been set for the course under the general access and admission regime .


Registration and necessary documentation

the registration must have the following documents:

• Passaport or foreign identification document legally issued and valid;
• Declaration under commitment of Honour, as the candidate doesn't have Portuguese nacionality;
• Document (s) proving the specific academic qualification;
• Document (s) proving the acess condition, indicating the respective classification and scale;
• Declaration of SEF regarding residence time in Portugal or certificate of residence abroad;
• Declaration of commitment to subsequently deliver the residence permit;
• If required, the certificate foreseen in the regulation.

Timetable for International Student – 2018/2019



Presentation of the Application

Internal Test *

Posting of the Calls of Placement


1st phase

15- 31 January

5 - 9 February

19 February

19 February - 2 March

2nd phase

12 March - 4 April

9 - 13 April

20 April

20 April - 11 May

3rd phase
25 June - 31 July
1 - 2 August
20 August
20 August - 4 September

4th phase

10- 24 September
25 - 28 September
2 October
2 - 12 October










  • Business Management - 14
  • Hotel Management - 9
  • Tourism - 9

Registration and necessary Documents  

 The applicant must fill out the application form, in our Secretariat Services (or on website and must attach the following documentation: 

• Passaport or foreign identification document legally issued and valid
• Currículum Vitae
• Certificate of Qualifications

Regulation for Special Application Access and Admission of International Students to the Study Cycles of ISAL