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Staff Mobility– Vocational Training (STT)

Who can apply?

Administrative personnel working in Institutions of Higher Studies holding an ECHE.

Which are the goals?

The goals of this mobility destined to the further preparation of personnel are:

  • To allow administrative personnel of institutions of higher studies to obtain knowledge or specialized knowledge through experiences and good practices obtained abroad and also the practical and relevant practices needed not only for their specific tasks, but also for their professional development.
  • To help in the building of a cooperation between institutions of higher studies.

Taking into account that the mobility of teaching staff is already considered, ISAL, in this very specific area, privileges the mobility of administrative staff who are not teachers.

Eligibility Rules

  • The non teaching staff should be from an institution of higher studies which has an ECHE.

Mobility Length

Minimum of 2 days, excluding travel time.

Maximum of 2 months.


For further information concerning the Region, the Institution and our Cycles of Studies we recommend you to contact


Isal does not own accommodation facilities. If requested, it will help to find the intended accommodation by providing links for research.

Staff for Training Incoming


Year Mobility Coming from
2012/2013 2 Poland
2013/2014 3 Czech Republic
2015/2016 2 Hungary
2015/2016 4 Estonia
2015/2016 5 Czech Republic
2015/2016 2 Greece
2016/2017 6 Germany
2016/2017 2 Bulgaria
2016/2017 2 Slovakia
2016/2017 1 Spain
2016/2017 2 Estonia
2016/2017 1 Hungary
2016/2017 5 Italy
2016/2017 2 Lithuania
2016/2017 3 Poland
2016/2017 2 United Kingdom
2016/2017 1 Czech Republic

Staff for Training Outgoing

Year Mobility Going to
2015/2016 1 Czech Republic
2016/2017 2 Croatia