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Teachers Mobility – Teaching Missions (STA)

Who can apply?

Teachers from other institutions of higher studies holding an ECHE.

Which are the goals?

This mobility of staff for teaching missions has the following goals:

  • To stimulate institutions of higher studies to broaden and enrich the aims and contents of the courses they offer;
  • To allow students who do not have the possibility to participate in a mobility program, to benefit from the knowledge and proficiency of academic staff of other institutions of higher studies and also from invited foreign people linked to enterprises located in European countries.
  • To promote the exchange of specialized knowledge and experience concerning pedagogical methods;
  • To create bonds between institutions of higher studies.

Eligibility Rules

  • The mission of teaching can be made by teaching staff. Teachers must be from an institution of higher studies in possession of an ECHE.
  • The mission of teaching must take place in an institution of higher studies in possession of an ECHE.
  • The mobility for the mission of teaching should be based on inter-institutional agreements between the institutions of higher studies of origin and the welcoming institution.
  • The teaching language should be previously settled between both parts.
  • As minimum condition, the country of origin or the welcoming country should be member states of the EU.

Mobility Length

Minimum of 2 days, excluding travel time (the minimum request for a mission of teaching is 8 hours of teaching).

Maximum of 2 months.

However, it is recommended a minimum length of 5 days in order to offer a significant contribution to the program of the mission of teaching.


For further information concerning the Region, the Institution and our Cycles of Studies we recommend you to contact


ISAL does not own accommodation facilities. If requested, we will help to find the intended accommodation by providing links for research.

Staff for Teaching incoming

Year Mobility Coming from
2012/2013 2 Hungary
2012/2013 1 Czech Republic
2012/2013 1 Poland
2013/2014 2 Czech Republic
2015/2016 3 Czech Republic
2016/2017 1 Croatia
2016/2017 1 Greece




Staff for Teaching Outgoing


Year Mobility Going to
2012/2013 3 Poland
2012/2013 2 Czech Republic
2014/2015 2 Greece
2015/2016 2 Czech Republic
2016/2017 1 Croatia
2016/2017 1 Spain