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Aplication - Students Mobility (SMS)

Guidelines for foreign Erasmus+ students


Who can apply?

Students from a higher education institution holding an ECHE.


Applications period

31st May for the entire academic year

31st May for the Winter Semester (October to February)

15th November for the Spring Semester (March to July)

Applications procedures

The Student’s application for Erasmus+ mobility must include:

  • Coordinators confirmation (home university);
  • Student’s grades Certificate of the previous years (home university);
  • Student’s 2 original ID photos (obligatory);
  • Student’s copy of an identity card, for ex: passport;
  • ISAL’s Student Application Form;
  • Students Learning Agreement initial proposal.

The above mentioned and complete documents must be sent by post to:

Nelson Abreu
Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator
Rua do Comboio, 5
9050-053 FUNCHAL
Madeira – Portugal

The results of applications for Erasmus+ mobility acceptation or refusal will be formally communicated by e-mail to the University partners Erasmus+.

Application form