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Students Mobility (SMS)

Who can apply?

Students from a higher education institution holding an ECHE.

What are the goals?

The goals of student mobility for studies are:

  • To allow students to benefit in the educational, linguistic and cultural plan from a learning experience in other European countries;
  • To promote the cooperation between institutions and to enrich the educational environment of host institutions;
  • To contribute to the development of a set of students who are well-qualified, open-minded and internationally experienced as future professionals.

Time of Mobility

Minimum: 3 months

Maximum: 12 months


For further information concerning the Region, the Institution and our cycles of Studies we recommend you to contact


ISAL does not own accommodation facilities. If requested, we will help to find the intended accommodation by providing links for research.


  Students Incoming

Year Mobility Bachelor Coming from
2013/2014 2 Tourism Czech Republic
2014/2015 1 Tourism             Czech Republic
2015/2016 3 Tourism Czech Republic
2015/2016 1 Business Management            Czech Republic
2016/2017 2 Tourism Czech Republic


  Students Outgoing

Year Mobility Bachelor Going to Purpose
2014/2015 2 Tourism Poland
2015/2016 3 Tourism Poland
2016/2017 1 Tourism Czech Republic Training
2016/2017 1 Tourism Hungria Training