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Erasmus Staff Training Week 2016

ISAL had the honour of performing the first edition of the "Erasmus + Staff Training Week" in Madeira, which took place from 4 to 8 April.
This event is directed to collaborators of the department of International Relations of various higher education institutions in Europe.
The main objective of this initiative is the exchange of good practice concerning the Erasmus+ programme.

The programme includes the presentation of the various participating institutions, sharing experiences, the exchange of good practice, thematic debates, networking and seminars, namely "Marketing for International Relations Office", "e-learning/E-course for international students" and "internationalization and students & staff with special needs".
Alongside professional activities, they participated in other activities, having ISAL chosen this date so that they could enjoy the beauty of our city due to the Flower Festival.
This event took place in a multicultural and peer-learning environment, providing an excellent opportunity to create personal and professional value for each of the participants.




“I am sure that all participants go home with experiences they would like to share with their home institutions, we became richer both professionally and personally. We could build relationships that hopefully last long. Thank you very much for having us here.” 

 “I wish you the best and thank you for this wonderful week.”

“This Erasmus Staff Training Week was excellent. People involved from ISAL were excellent in their communication and ability to promote their institution.” 

“I enjoy this week very well. Everything is planned very good.”

“The Erasmus Staff Training Week in ISAL was an excellent experience. We had the chance to meet people and coordinators from other European countries and start new cooperation’s in the field of Business Management. We hope that with our contribution we will enhance the mobility for students and staff.”