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ISAL has a structure that helps all the international students to obtain accommodation in Madeira, in accordance with each one’s options.

In terms of accommodation, students may choose the academic residence ISAL, which is few meters away from campus, thus avoiding additional costs with transportation.


  • 2 minutes away from campus (on foot)
  • In the centre of Funchal
  • No need for public transport
  • Average saving of 70€/month (1)


Advantages of the academic residence ISAL:

· It is 2 minutes away from campus on foot

· In the centre of Funchal

· No need for additional costs in transportation

· The values are significantly lower than those charged in the mainland

Our residence has:

  • ·Welcoming, family and pleasant environment
  • ·Priority and special prices for ISAL’s students
  • Double or triple rooms
  • Female/male division
  • Bedding and bath linen included
  • Wi-Fi Internet access, cable TV, water, electricity and gas consumption included
  • Periodical cleaning of the shared areas
  • Large study area
  • Individual study area
.(1)     Portuguese people spend, on average, 70€ per month in transportation.

(2)     Rent increase for university students in the Portuguese mainland.

The excessive prices of the accommodation for Higher Education students in Oporto
A room for a university student may exceed 500€.
University students in Lisbon spend more than 600€

Accommodation leads the list of concerns of Higher Education students.

(3) All rooms are equipped with bedding and towels.

The kitchen is totally equipped and each student has defined dishes and cutlery.

For further information, visit here or contact us.