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Degree in Tourism

Academic Rank


Academic Rank

Tourism and Leisure

Number of needed Credits to obtain the Degree or Diploma

180 ECTS

Departments involved

Human and Social Sciences, Languages, Economy, Management, Law, Computing

Course Director

Master Student Assis Correia

Master Studente Élvio Camacho


National and International competence of the students who obtained the degree through the acquisition of deeper knowledge which allows them to develop the future activity according to thespecificities of the sector; To develop in students a cultural attitude which allows them to perform the needed changes;

To make students feel the need to research on the new processes and ways of action as to guarantee the maintenance of search, in a market which is more and more characterised by the concurrence at an international level.


Professional  activities

Higher Technician of Tourism to work at:
Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Central and Regional Departments of Tourism, Sea and Air Transport Companies, Rent-a-car, Management of Touristic Enterprises, Projects specialised in the area of the Entertainment Industry, Organisation of events and National Interpreter Guides.


1st Cycle: six semesters


Daily Regime (Monday to Saturday-morning/afternoon)

Access Conditions

The access to this course is submitted to the conditions legally imposed for the Higher Studies. Candidates must cumulatively satisfy the following conditions:

  • To have made one of the following national exams: Portuguese, or History, or Geography
  • To have obtained in one of these exams the minimal classification of 95 Points
  • To have obtained the minimal classification of 95Points in the candidature mark.

HOMOLOGATION | Act nº 6248/2007, published in the 2nd series of the Diário da República, on the 27th March 2007 with the study plan altered on 03/1/2014. Record of the alteration Nº R/A-Ef222/2012/AL01, Aviso nº 3982/2014, published in the 2nd series of the Diário da República on 21th March 2014.


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Course structure

  • Educational Establishment: ISAL – Instituto Superior de Administração e Línguas
  • Organic Unit: ISAL – Instituto Superior de Administração e Línguas
  • Scientific Area: Turismo
  • Degree
  • Number of needed Credits to obtain the Degree or Diploma: 180 credits

Duration of the course: 6 semesters

General Information
Credits: 180

Duration: 1st Cycle: six semesters

Timetable: Daily Regime (Monday to Saturday-morning/afternoon)