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Post-Graduations ISAL

For this project, ISAL has teachers with a large academic and professional experience for the several subjects and areas. They come not only from Madeira Autonomous Region, but also from Portugal Mainland and they aim to develop competences by providing specialized knowledge with theoretical-practical approaches adequate to each area of the knowledge.

ISAL post-graduations pretend to adapt the courses to the reality and needs of Madeira Autonomous Region betting on a practical formation for the professional life, this way complementing the professional experience and the previously acquired academic knowledges.

In the next school year we will promote the following Post Graduation Studies:

  • Tour Guiding (New)
  • School Managment and Administration 
  • Human Resources Management (6th Edition)
  • Management and Public Administration ( 2nd Edition)
  • Management of Health Services and Social Institutions (6th Edition) 

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