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ISAL - Instituto Superior de Administração e Línguas

Welcoming Message

Dr. José QuaresmaDear Students,

Welcome to ISAL! We are thrilled to have you in our premises, a place where strong will, motivation and knowledge are shared.

ISAL, as an institution of Higher Studies, initiated its activity in Madeira Autonomous Region – the Pearl of the Atlantic- in 1984. In the beginning, ISAL developed several Higher Studies which granted a bacharel degree in Management and Tourism Areas. In order to accomplish further goals, ISAL acquired new facilities which allowed the adequate development of new actions within the area of Higher Studies. These new facilities were inaugurated in 2004 and they represent the first phase of the investment.

2005 was a marking year not only for ISAL, but also to Madeira Autonomous Region itself once ISAL obtained permission to offer its first degree. For the very first time a degree in Tourism was created in Madeira Autonomous Region.